Bud is a brand inspired by first-hand personal experiences.

Bud has been inspried by our personal experience of unexplained secondary infertility. A journey that lasted four long years, but very happily - and with the help of IVF (and some very clever people at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital), culminated in the arrival of twins!

However, this experience gave us an insight in to reality of fertility problems that many of us unexpectedly have to face. 

One in Seven couples, (3.5 million people in the UK) have difficulty conceiving, (NHS Choices) and male sperm count in the west has dropped by 50% in the last 40 years, (University of Jerusalem study).

In developing countries one in every four couples have been found to be affected by infertility (WHO).

Many factors including changes in diet, lifestyle, stress and the tendency to start a family later in life, are considered the main contributing factors to our weakening natural fertility. People are becoming more aware of the positive effect nutrition can have on successful conception. It is Bud’s mission to support all couples when they first decide to try for a baby, helping them to become Baby Body Ready - and to continue supporting them during the 18 month to two year average period it takes to achieve natural conception.