Baby Baking
Conceiving Tips

Baby Baking


When should we get down to it? 

Five days before you ovulate, to the day itself is when you have the highest chances of conceiving. Getting the timing right is one of the most common mistakes made. To get the bun in the oven, you can have fun making the dough, but if your oven isn't on, or you've taken it out too early, you're bun just won't bake! There are great apps out there, such as Clue. In short, this helps you do the maths, so you can focus just on the science. 


Receiving to conceive and how often?  

Don't worry you can put your pants back on. It's wired in us to believe more is better but when it comes to sperm count it may lower if a man ejaculates too often. Though with this you don't want to go weeks without ejaculating as the sperm will be older and weaker.Experts have concluded that one every two days or no more than once a day is ideal for baby making. 


How should we do it? 

If you're reading this upside down balancing on the bed-frame well done though don't worry if you have never touched the Kama sutra or are inspired by circus acrobatics. The lucky news is no study had ever found one position better for conception than another. Recommendations such as man-on top position is favoured as it leaves the sperm closest to the top of the vagina. Some woman fear that gravity plays apart though sperm can find the fallopian tubes within seconds! The stuff that leaks out after is just excess fluid and dead sperm. 


After the deed  

It's recommend to stay in bed anywhere for 15 minutes to an hour to keep the sperm pooled at the top of the vagina. To accentuate this the woman had put her knees up or place her feet on the wall.