Bud A-Z Fertility Guide



There’s good nutrition - and then there’s super nutrition.

Superfoods are starting to be recognised for their positive effect on fertility. Here’s a couple to watch out for.

Maca root:

When it comes to female fertility, it balances hormones, improves regularity of menstrual cycles, can enhance ovulation and support sexual function. Men benefit from better sperm quality, count and motility, as well as improved sexual function. A spot of trivia: this Peruvian miracle is one of the porn industry’s best kept secrets - boosting male and female libido and allegedly accounting for some pretty spectacular ejaculations.

Muira Puama:

Hailing from Brazil, this plant’s been used for centuries to deal with problems including rheumatism, influenza and gastrointestinal upsets. But it’s really known as an aphrodisiac - and is commonly called “potency wood”. It stimulates libido and boosts physical performance in both sexes, helps support healthy erections in men and a more intense orgasm in women. Winner.  Just don’t forget to check with your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you’re already pregnant.