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Eat the Rainbow

By Bud / 5th Oct, 2016

If your dinner plate is looking undeniably beige this evening, why not try colouring outside the lines by including these fertility boosting ingredients from every colour of the rainbow…

The current trend for rainbow food is riding high so we’re jumping on the technicolour bandwagon in the knowlegde that the more colourful items you can squeeze on your plate, the more natural fertility boosting nutrition you will benefit from. This is providing you haven’t just emptied out an entire family sized packet of skittles onto a plate for easy snacking access – different tasty rainbow – opposite effect.

Red: Ruby red tomatoes are rich in lycopene, shown to help healthy sperm motility & morphology. Use fresh red tomatoes for the maximum lycopene hit and store them out of the fridge to avoid depleting the vitamin content. You can also find good sources of lycopene in other fruit and veg such as carrots, apricots, watermelon, and papaya. Try our recipe for sticky sweet oven roasted tomatoes

Orange: There are many amber hued sources of fertility goodness your diet can benefit from but butternut squash has stand out nutritional qualities when it comes to fuelling your body – ready for conception. It is rich in beta-carotene which is known to help boost production of the hormone progesterone and increase sperm quality and count. This crucial phytonutrient helps regulate your hormones, protecting against early miscarriage once you’re pregnant. Try cooking cumin flavoured roast squash

Yellow: Turmeric’s vivid yellow colour comes from its powerful mix of curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin. The many effects of the potent curcumin are well documented making it a much hyped nutritional buzzword at the moment. Curcumin provides a light source of plant based oestrogen (phytoestrogen), which, mimicks the activity of the estrogen hormone which is essential for both a regular menstrual cycle and female fertility. See above recipe cumin spiced recipe

Green: Eat your greens! We all know the benefits, so load up on the green goodness pouring out of every chlorophyll packed leafy green vegetable. Spinach, kale, rocket and broccoli are high in folate, a B vitamin that helps regulate ovulation and is an important sperm-building nutrient. Another top tip for fertility is asparagus (see what we did there?) – known for its aphrodisiac qualities it’s also jam packed with the all-important folate and is delicious served blanched with a drizzle of olive oil and a shaving of parmesan.

Blue: In the world of processed food & drink – anything blue is a pretty good – flashing danger sign – indication of zero nutritional value and possible toxic levels of chemical ingredients. Step away from the bubble gum flavoured slushie and neck a handful of blueberries instead. Their deep rich (blueish) colour comes from the powerful phytonutrient anthocyanins and these juicy little nutrition bombs are one of the best sources of antioxidants you can find. Antioxodants help maintain a balanced endocrine (hormonal) system by cleansing and removing toxins in the body and liver and promoting better fertility.

Indigo: A sweet way to boost your fertility is by eating figs. These small, round seed filled fruits that grow hanging in pairs – remind you of anything?! – have been regarded as a fertility boosting superfood since the Ancient Greeks. High in iron, which is important for healthy eggs and ovulation they are also know to increase the mobility and quantity of male sperm.

Violet: Beetroots are rich in antioxidant resveratrol and nitrates known to help improve blood flow. Beet juice is great for women undergoing IVF treatment as a way to improve uterine blood flow and help with embryo implantation. Blitz up a beetroot juice and reap the benefits

Written by Bud

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