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The Sun has this to say about IVF funding on the NHS…

By Bud / 25th Sep, 2016

“IT is time for the NHS to halt free IVF treatment.”

Never one to shy away from a controversial topic, an attention grabbing headline or a dramatic overuse of CAPITAL LETTERS, The Sun has launched a new campaign and has this to say about IVF provision on the NHS…

“THE SUN SAYS End free IVF to tackle the burden of ageing population on NHS”

“IT is time for the NHS to halt free IVF treatment.”



Despite approaching the subject with all the tact of Trump in a locker room – when the Sun itself admits it’s own article “may sound harsh” you know that’s saying something – it’s not an opinion that can just be brushed under the carpet. With NHS purse strings being pulled ever tighter, IVF is an easy, high profile target and the debate over appropraite funding for treatment will no doubt be played out in the media again and again.

But with IVF provision already falling well short of the NICE guideline recommendations for 3 cycles of IVF for women under the age of 40 we’ve asked two people who have benefited from receiving IVF on the NHS for their reaction to the Sun’s statement and oppinion on the impotance of providing NHS funded treatment.

fb_img_1476169823462Stacey Hill, 30, conceived her twins Ronnie & Arnie with the help of NHS funded IVF. She has this to say:

“I’m guessing whoever wrote this piece, has never been hit with the infertility stick. I was lucky, got pregnant first round of IVF, but know many more who go through the heartache of a failed round time and time again, using savings, even losing their homes to fund a baby.

Why not look at the money thrown at cosmetic surgeries on the NHS? Not hard working tax payers who have been dealt a very cruel hand, stripping them of the right to start a family. Pointing the finger at infertile couples to pull back the funds is easy because it affects so many people, so there’s your ‘quick fix’.  Isn’t it about time we started looking after our own country and people in it and stop pumping billions elsewhere,  before we start writing crappy, frankly pig ignorant pieces about our stretched, underpaid, overused NHS? I think we’re all in agreement our NHS is in financial crisis, I agree its due to over population…. but your punishing the wrong people…..”

claire-the-sun-articleClaire Phillips, 34, lives with her husband Paul and 3 year old son Aaron. Claire went through 2 rounds of NHS funded IVF and has this to say:

“Offering IVF on the NHS heals many of broken hearts by giving childless couples a chance of being parents and making their dreams come true. I understand the NHS is currently under strain but I’m sure there are other ways of saving money.

I was surprised by how quickly we managed to get IVF on the NHS. Or maybe it seemed shorter as there was still all the tests to go through, all the hospital visits and scans. But it’s not easy to get past all the red tape though – they have made policies more stern in the past few years. Neither of you can already have children for one, then of course there is also the ‘postcode lottery’, not to mention counselling before hand to ensure you both are emotionally stable. We were granted 2 tries funded by the NHS. If I still lived in Warrington at the time that would have fallen to one.

I sadly lost my mum to bowel cancer but my views haven’t changed with reading the article. I don’t blame myself for having IVF or people like me using NHS funds. I’m sure there are other places and people to blame for the fall of our NHS. Me and my husband have worked all our lives and paid our dues into the UK system. I will forever be thankful for what the NHS has done for us.”

Written by Bud

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