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Laughing in the face of infertility…

By Bud / 5th May, 2016

This couples hilarioulsy honest “infertility announcement” parody has just gone viral – helping to raise awareness and sharing support for all those dealing with infertility

We all know hearing of the successful pregnancies of friends and family can be bitter sweet.

Nothing hits quite as hard as the obligatory pregnancy announcement post that pops up on your news feed reminding you of the painful road to parenthood you are still navigating.

One couple, Idaho-based Whitney and Spencer Blake, decided to spin this on its head by creating a series of tongue-in-cheek memes. Hitting a chord, their poignant and hilariously honest images have gone viral, managing to find humour in heartbreak and getting people talking about infertility.

In honour of Infertility Awareness Week, the couple posted six parody “infertility announcement” pictures on their blog. Explaining the inspiration for creating the posts on their blog Whitney Blake stated…

“Since humour is one of our coping mechanisms, we thought we’d use that to hop on the creative announcement bandwagon in our own infertile way. Of course, we’re not suggesting infertile people announce their deepest struggle with a silly meme. Nor are we making fun of pregnant people. We’ve just found that laughing at our problems sometimes makes them feel smaller, and couldn’t resist the chance to poke fun at infertility”



Now the proud parents of two adopted sons, the Blakes admit their own difficult fertility journey has become “more of a passing thought” than the all consuming challenge it once was. However, its impact has not been forgotten and this is why they say they chose to so create something that would connect with all those people whose lives have been touched by infertility.

This light-hearted but thought provoking series of images may have got you thinking, laughing or even crying but hopefully it encourages everyone to talk more openly and share their own experiences of infertility.

Written by Bud

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